The idea for what is now the 10k Project did not begin in some office where a couple people with a background in web development got together to come up with a way to make some money by selling businesses on social media. Rather, the idea came from more humble roots. More organic roots. The idea was born during a conversation I had with a customer in the restaurant that I was managing.

The web brings customers in.

As a restaurant manager, I would make it one of my primary responsibilities to engage with every customer who came through the door. Sometimes it was as simple as “Hello, are we taking care of you today?” and sometimes it was a conversation about life, the universe, and everything. However, on one occasion it was merely “What brought you guys in here?” I noticed there were a group of people, around 15, sitting towards the rear of the restaurant having a good time. Not recognizing any of these people, I walked over and introduced myself to one of them and asked what brought them in. They told me that they were a group of hikers who all met each other from a website called Meetup. She then proceeded to tell me that they had found our restaurant by searching for a place to eat on Yelp. At that moment a light bulb went off. The web brings customers in. This is something that I always knew, but it was my first time truly seeing the potential.

That day, because of Yelp, we brought in an extra $200 dollars.

That day, because of Yelp, we brought in an extra $200 dollars. I immediately finished the conversation and made my way to the back office where I proceeded to look up what Meetup was and also take a look at our business Yelp page. As an avid Yelp user, it had never crossed my mind to look at our page. However, when I looked at it, I was surprised that they had even chosen to use our business in the first place. Our page had outdated information, the pictures of our business were not all that flattering, and when you clicked the link to our website it was even worse. I thought to myself, “I wonder how many people have seen us on Yelp and then chosen not to come to us based on our Yelp page.” So I did what any person who knows a little bit about the web could do. I signed up for a Yelp business account and claimed the business. I was going to make our Yelp page look awesome and I was going to capture more of those potential Yelp customers.

More still to come…